Amazon Wildlife Peru Crew

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About Us

Amazon Wildlife Peru offers authentic Ecotourism with expert local staff, using our own vehicles and boats. Our Rainforest Lodge and Bonanza Lodge provide comfortable accommodation and supportive personnel. In addition, we offer expeditions and camping.

With 18 years of tour Operations in Manu, we have continuously enhanced our services and itineraries to optimize wildlife viewing. Our guides are knowledgeable naturalists who highlight the rainforest wonders.Our company is dedicated to minimizing environmental impacts by implementing sustainable practices, like returning waste to Cusco, prioritizing Local or Peruvian items, and eliminating non-recyclable materials. Opting for the Manu Reserve Zone Tour can reduce boat fuel consumption. Meanwhile, we collaborate with locals and indigenous people in the area, generating revenue to aid in jungle preservation.

Our English-speaking Naturalist Guides, who are native to Manu, are experts in animal spotting, sound recognition, and bird and mammal identification. We provide field guides of diverse flora and fauna, and offer the use of professional binoculars and telescopes to observe animals up-close without interfering with their habitat.

Amazon Wildlife Peru is committed to Rainforest preservation through sustainable reforestation practices in Bonanza Ecological Reserve and other deforested areas. We plant a variety of trees, including Mahogany, Amazon Teak, Cedar, and Kapok.

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