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About Us

Amazon Wildlife Peru is dedicated to do real ecotourism tours. We have our own vehicles and boats, as well as local experienced staff. As we operate all Manu tours directly, we have good control over their quality.

You will spend most your nights during the tour at our lodges: Rainforest Lodge and Bonanza Lodge, designed for your comfort, and you will have our helpful staff at your service. Camping options or expeditions are also available.

With more than 18 years experience of operating Manu tours, we have constantly improved our service and itineraries. Our itineraries are flexible enough to maximize your chances to see wildlife and our naturalist guides will do their best to show you the marvels of the rainforest.

Amazon Wildlife Peru works hard to limit the environmental impact of our tours. We return all waste to Cusco, buy local or Peruvian products wherever possible and avoid buying tins or other material that are difficult to recycle. We recommend the Manu Biosphere Tour, which requires less boat fuel.

Working in Manu also means working with local and native people; the lodge staff and the boat team are all from Manu and in our tours to Manu Biosphere Reserve. We use the Casa Matsiguenka Lodge which is managed by local indigenous people that generate income to them. It is very important for us that money generated from our jungle expeditions goes to help and preserve the jungle as well as the way of life of the people there, while offering them a good income. We believe those communities are the real owners of Manu, and for that reason we work with them to provide sustainable tourism.

We work with experienced, English speaking naturalist guides with many years of guiding experience in Manu. Most of our guides have grown up in Manu and have been working in research projects and living in the rainforest. They are very experienced in spotting wildlife, recognizing birds and mammals by sound and sight to ensure that our customers don´t go away disappointed. They can imitate the animals to call them closer, as well as giving you the scientific names of the animals. They all carry field guides of animals, birds, plants, insects, and many others.

Amazon Wildlife Peru is committed very much with the rainforest conservations, in order to do sustainable action. We do reforestation in our private land of Bonanza Ecological Reserve, as well as we are planting native tree species in places where the forest has been destroyed many years ago. We plant the following trees species, Mahogany, Amazon Teak Tree, Cedar Tree, Ceiba or Kapok Tree and many others.

We use professional binoculars and telescopes so you can get a closer view of the animals, without disturbing them.

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