Rivelino Llactahuaman

Rive was born on August 1977 in Kimbiri – Cusco a tropical region located in the famous area called Vraem, was born and grown up in this part of the jungle, he studied Tourism at Instituto Superior Tecnologico Antonio Lorena, bird guide specialized in hummingbirds and also has plenty of knowledge about plants, insects, mammals and ecology and always enthusiastic and passionate about his job. Rive also has work with Macaw Proyect with Charlie Moon for 3 years and as an assistant filming Giant Otter at Cocha Salvador with BBC de Londres. Despite being born and raised in the Peruvian Amazon, he never feels tired of contemplating how beautiful the jungle is, proof of this is that every time when he goes to Manu alone or with a group of tourists always feel very fascinated by biodiversity and try to enjoy as much as possible.

He uses Kowa TSN 662 spotting scope and Swarovski binocular EL 10x42.