William Huamani

William Huamani Choquepuma

Born February 1982, lived and grew up in Manu rainforest. He studied at a native community of Shipitiary with Matsiguenka people. He studied Ecotourism at the Instituto Superior Tecnológico de Manu. He is the co-founder of Amazon Wildlife Peru EIRL and director of operations. He is an authorized official tour guide for Manu National Park, specializing in birding. He had worked in research projects (monkeys, macaws, giant river otters). William is one of the best tour guides, birding and photography trips are his favorites. His favorite animal is the Emperor Tamarin monkey. He speaks fluent English and a little bit of Danish and has 18 years of experience in guiding in Manu.

He uses Kowa Spotting Scope TSN 663 and Swarosvki Binocular EL 10X42.