Alex Quewarucho

Alex Sandro Olave Qquehuarucho

He was born on December 1989, studied primary and secondary in the north of the Manu National Park in a very beautiful jungle area. When he finished his high school, he moved to the city of Cusco to prepare to be something better in life and began his official tour guide training in 2008 at the Instituto Superior Tegnológico Antonio Lorena. However from childhood he got his true knowledge of the jungle and it was easy for him to train himself as a tour guide. As a guide he is very passionate about the jungle in general and bird specialist and very knowledgeable about plants, frogs, insects and mammals. He has participated in many projects and researches such as "Manu bird project" of the British Columbia University in 2011 and “Fauna forever" in 2012. His goal is to help to preserve the rainforest, and he is also passionate about sharing and teaching people about the care of nature and how valuable the Manu National Park is.