• Jaguar

    Jaguar (Panthera Onca)

  • Capibara

    Capybara (Hydrochaerus Hydrochaeris)

  • Giant Ant Eater

    Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga Tridactyla)

  • Common Clown Frog

    Clown Tree Frog (Dendropsophus Leucophyllatus)

  • Giant Otter

    Giant Otter (Pteronura Brasiliensis)

  • Macaws Clay Lick

    Macaws Clay Lick (Ara Choloptera)

  • Sunset in Manu River

    Sunset in Manu River

  • Resting Jaguar

    Resting Jaguar 


Manu Expedition 5D/4N

Sunday,July 24, 2011

The car was a new toyota minivan was strong safe and comfortable, Jesus was an excellent driver who went slowly and carefull,the boat was great fun excellent crew who navigated the river very well. Ryse our tour guide had great jungle skill and was able to spot and identify many birds, insect and animals, Bernardino our cheff did and excellent job preparing large tasty meals in many different places like the jungle,boat,lodges. All the equipment was in good condition, Carmen the office manager was fantastic in helping us get organized for the trip. The walks into the jungle were fantastic it was an incredible experience to steep in the hie in the jungle visiting the oxbow lake was an experience, We would highly recommend the 5 days trip with " Amazon Wildlife Peru"

Wendy Francis talegah@westnet.com.an

Manu Biosphere Reserve 7D/6N

Thursday, November 3 ,2011

'I just returned from the Manu Biosphere Reserve (7D/6N) tour run by Amazon Wildlife Peru and highly recommend it to anyone wishing to visit this awesome part of the world! I was very happy with what was covered in the itinerary. The Madre de Dias & Manu rivers beautifully represented what I always imagined the Amazon Jungle to be. The 7 day trip I went on was in particular AWESOME, because of how deep it went into the jungle. We saw many mammals (capybara, tapirs, countless species of monkeys, giant otters), birds (including heaps of the beautiful macaws and toucans!), reptiles (3 species of caiman, lizards and snakes), amphibians and many interesting insects and spiders (including several tarantulas!). The tour is very well priced for what you get. Our tour guide William (co-founder of the company) is very friendly, and extremely knowledgable. He knows the names of virtually all animals and plants of the jungle, and has a special interest in birds. He went out of his way to try and meet the desired experiences of all members in our tourgroup. He even fulfilled my dreams of catching a piranha on a fishing line, and holding a baby caiman! William grew up on a farm in Manu, and his local experience undoubtedly gives him the edge over other tour guides. All of the lodges we stayed at throuhout the trip were very comfortable, and our chef Bernadino was very friendly and extremely talented! Our boat driver Rufino was very experienced and safe. All members of the team were like family by the end of the trip. Make contact with the Cusco-based office (info@amazonwildlifeperu.com) or (051-084-777738) to speak with the friendly manager Carmen, and book a trip now!!!'


The food was amazing always heaps left over

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The bus driver was excellent very carefull and took his time taking care of us thank you!! The boat was fantastic Walter and Wilmer where very good at their job.Our guide William had excellent knowledge having a local view point growing up in the area gave him an edge than other guides wouldont have. The food was amazing always heaps left over, which means we were always full!! and very creative.All the equipment provided was in a very high quality. This trip was the highlight of my South American Adventure! couldnt ask more giant otters,caimans and even a JAGUAR thank you so much "Amazon Wildlife Perú" our guide William was truely and amazing guide making our trip special. The boatmen and chef also had great sense of humor, making the whole trip even more AMAZING!!!

Kerrie Burton [burton_kerrie@yahoo.com]

Highly recommended and professional

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is a short testimonial of our 5 days and 4 nights Expedition trip to Manu Reserve beginning 25th Jan 2011. After cheeking out several tour agencies in Cuzco we decided to go with Amazon Wildlife Perú. We also read favorable comments on the web site, we certainly enjoyed our little adventure in the capable lands of our guide William. William in fact made the trip special for all the 8 people in our tour group normally we stay away from organized tours but this is really the only practical way to see Manu and we had a great time!!! William´s knowlodge of the Amazon having grown up in the jungle cobbined with his excellent english made the trip really memorable. His knowledge on the flora and fauna is truly impressive. The trip was also helped by a safe and excellent driver a new toyota van, an amazing cook, good boatman and good jungle lodges Highly recommended and professional.

Vlasta Ulovec and Rod McNabb [applelane1@gmail.com]

Our boat men Diego and Jesus were very good kept the boat clean

Monday, December 6, 2010

The bus was quite confortable, the driver was calm and very good, Our boat men Diego and Jesus were very good kept the boat clean and confortable they are very helpful well organised and safe, Our guide William was exceptional very helpful, patient, full of knowledge excellent habilty to sight wildlife, not only great knowledge of wildlife, but of the people too his history and their way of living, He is very good with difficult people on the trip which is a great skill to have.The food was amazing we got lost of veriety and plenty of food the chef was clean well mannered, polite,Leonardo makes wonderful food, dont know how he does it Best Food in Peru!!! We had a great time on our tour, William made the tour for us he is a very nice person,with exceptional knowledge and great people skills the food was fantastic, Carmen had great knowledge in Cusco office and she is a very nice person also.Would highly recommend Amazon Wildlife Peru our guide William was exceptional He has fantastic interpersonal skills,an amazing knowledge of the jungle wildlife and people he makes time for everyone he has a huge talent of spotting wildlife, He is very helpful and patient, the food was amazing Leonardo is a fantastic chef,the transport was clean and safe, the boatmen Diego and Jesus were really helpful, the lodges were confortable clean and safe, Carmen was very helpful and knowledge in Cusco office!! We had a great trip with Amazon Wildlife Peru BOOK IT NOW!!!

Shauna Walsh [Shaunamwalsh@hotmail.com]

The driver Americo did a very good job in a hole route

Monday, December 6, 2010

The driver Americo did a very good job in a hole route, Jesus also a good bote driver landing were always good and safe.William fantastic knew about birds, mamals, insects, trees plus local knowledge very friendly would recommend to friends.The food was Great!! and was very tasty , there was always plenty to go around I enjoyed the variety os dishes. In Manu there are lots of great wildlife thanks for an unforgetable trip! I definetely want to come back , I had a wonderful time overall had great weather and saw lost of widlife like 10 different kinds of monkeys and over 80 species of birds, night hikes were fun and the food was delicious I highly recommend taking the trip with Amazon Wildlife Perú.

Karen Peluso [kpsharkwrestler@yahoo.com]

The boat was fantastic

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We enjoyed the bus trip becausei had a good seat, the skill of our driver was very impressive. The boat was fantastic I enjoyed eating lunch while traveling by boat and seeing the sights, We were really impressed by our guides knowledge of the local wildlife, I came to Perú thinking that Machupicchu would be the highlight of my experience here of course Machupicchu was great, But by far the highlight of my experience in Peru was my trip with Amazon Wildlife Perú I will remenber it for the rest of my life.

Erik Gunheim [erikgunheim@comcast.net]

The boat was very comfortable and the crew was very competent

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The bus driver was very good, the seats were very comfortable i felt safe with the driver Americo. The boat was very comfortable and the crew was very competent, helful and professional.William is a wonderful guide he is extremely knowledge about everything plants, animals,local customs and food. The food was excellent some of the best that i have had in Perú!! Betty is very polite and professional there was always plenty of food i was never hungry. The equipment provided was very good the boots and ponchos were very useful, This was a wonderful jungle excursion the entire staff was competent, professional and curteous. Amazon Wildlife Perú provided an amazing jungle experience!!! William our guide was fabulous!! he was increible knowledge about all aspects of the area that we visited, the food was wonderful, very healthy and plentiful!! The entire crew was very professional extremely polite and very competent. I would definitely use Amazon Wildlife Perú again and I would like recommend them to all my friend and family.

Ann Withers [annwithers@yahoo.com]

The car has a good seats, safe transport

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The car has a good seats, safe transport, the boat drive was really nice and confortable. I never experience that our guide didnt now the name of a animal or a plant, really strong knowledge about everything, The food was just Perfect!!!! all equipment was top quality!!. The tour was excellent if you like nature i can strong recomend this one. i strong recomend to use Amazon Wildlife Peru for jungle Trips.

Trond Anders Bjerkli [t-bjerk@@online.no]

All the time on the boat was good relaxing the driver knew his stuff

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We had a great car trip in was pretty interesting driver was great Our guide enthusiasm for spotting animales and showing his way of life was just awesome. All the time on the boat was good relaxing the driver knew his stuff. The lodges were both clean and confortable the camping areas were great and all hte guys helping certanlymade it easy and very relaxing. Being able to go to the natural hot springs was a lovely stop so unexpected!!! We saw amazing things especially the Jaguar! Thanks again hope to see you again.

Gillian Carter [gc@froggy.com.au]

The Manu Jungle trip was an excellent tour in the Jungle

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Manu Jungle trip was an excellent tour in the Jungle. The staff were excellent and Will the guide was very enthusiastic and informative. HE has great knowledge of Fauna ans Flora species. The food prepared by Boris was fantastic. The highlights were watching a Jaguar swin across the river past our boat catching caiman at the night and seeing the "Cock of the Rock", The acomodation was really good and i specially enjoyed camping on an island with a bonfire!! I will miss averything. I Recommend taking a tour with this company if you want a good time in the warm Manu Jungle.

Scott Davis [scott444davis@yahoo.com.94]

Very good guide who was excellent in telling about the flora and fauna

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well organized tour with pick up at hotel and you are able to decides some things about the tour by yourself like a how much walking, etc. Very good guide who was excellent in telling about the flora and fauna and whatever you wanted to know about the rainforest. Also the food was excelent on this tour,and plenty of it. All in all a very good trip with excellent service!! Thank you.

Brian Toft Mauridsen [mouridsen@gmail.com]

Escelent excellent guiding knowledge about Peru and wildlife

Monday, February 2, 2009

Good and well working team (Guide,Cheff,Driver,etc) Escelent excellent guiding knowledge about Peru and wildlife!! Excellent food and snacks , good equipment, super lodges. Nice with different possibilities the last night.

Martin Tang Madsen [mt@martintang.dk]

A very nice trip

Monday, February 2, 2009

A very nice trip, the guide was excellent there was not any question he didnt answer, he practically knew everything!! The food was super and there was a lot.

Malene Clemmensen [maleneclem@hotmail.com]

The altitude to conservation and protection of the jungle impressed me

Monday, December 1, 2008

The altitude to conservation and protection of the jungle impressed me to see that many animals and have such a low enviroment impact was awsome. William impressed by his professionalism and jungle skills were increable Best guide in Cusco!.

Matt Jones [matyj@gmail.com]